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Sunday, July 11, 2004
NewsGator Pricing, Corporate RSS, Miscellaneous
Our premise for the afternoon is as follows:

There exists an amalgam of software and services NewsGator, such that for each registered user of NewsGator the associated corporate entity receives revenue that is recurrent in nature.

Now, it turns out that I don't have time to do the full post today, so we'll make this interesting: I'll provide the links and other helpful information about the general direction of the post now. I'll also offer extra-special bonus points (and possibly an Alien Abductions Incorporated t-shirt, assuming that I can find one) to anyone who can predict the post content in a comment or email. Doesn't that sound fun?

1. GoogleAlert.
2. My own post on creating a DIY customized RSS feed.
3. My question regarding regular expressions in FeedDemon's "watch" feeds.
4. TechDirt's Corporate Intelligence Service.
5. Some random article that mentions an "all you can eat" pricing model.
6. A quote about RSS that mentions "huge amounts of constantly changing information."

Okay, that should be enough for you to go on. I'll have time to put the full post together in the next day or so; it probably won't be as exciting as what you've got in your own heads, so please feel free to pass along your guesses. If they're good enough I'll steal them for the final post.
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