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Monday, June 14, 2004
Roll your own Real Simple Shopping feed
About a week ago I noticed Real Simple Shopping, a service that takes the spam risk out of subscribing to product offer email lists by subscribing to those lists for you and passing the content along as a customized RSS feed.

A couple of days later I noticed that dodgeit.com -- a service that offers free, public "maildrops" -- offers the ability to read @dodgeit.com mailboxes via RSS feeds.

Because it was a slow Sunday yesterday, I found myself sitting around and thinking "you know, dodgeit.com would allow me to build a better customized RSS feed right now." I just made up a @dodgeit.com email address, added the RSS feed for the address to FeedDemon, and started subscribing.

Now I've got the offer/event emails from Powell's Books (the best bookstore in the world, bar none), REI (excellent outdoor equipment), and the Self Starter Foundation (good independent records) coming to me in a nice, neat feed...and if Huy Fong Foods offered a mailing list, you know I'd be signed up for that right quick.

Funny thing, really: I genuinely want to hear from all of those places about offers that they might have for me, but I would never have actually signed up for their lists via email. I just have too much unread email for me to voluntarily add to the pile. I'm not sure that I'd even have signed up for RSS feeds from each individual source -- but with the ability to create one completely customized commercial feed of my own? Hell, yes, I'm there!

SeaMonkey Rodeo:

I run the Real Simple Shopping service. First, thank you for the posting about our service. You get what we offer so it helps in spreading the word about our service. The dodgeit.com offers very similar service. It's great to see so many different approaches to utitlizing new technology to provide similar solutions. Kudos to dodgeit.com.

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