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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Newsgator back, probably all drunk by now...
Greg Reinacker has the first cut post-mortem on today's Newsgator outage available, so you should head over there and read it if you want the real information.

From my perspective, the timeline ran something like this:

Monday 5:00pm MST
Some ugly stuff starts happening in a dark corner.

Monday 10:00pm MST
Newsgator folks experience that horrifying "hang on, things are supposed to be getting better, not worse...what the fuck?" moment.

Tuesday 2:00am MST
"Tired. So very tired."

Tuesday 2:30am MST
"Fuck. Yes, by definition none of our options are good, but doing nothing isn't all that appealing, either. Let's do it."

Tuesday 10:30am MST
Newsgator back up.

Tuesday 10:31am MST (estimated)
Newsgator tech support goes down the long, painful list of bloggers who have been bitching about the absence of NG (such as yours truly), giving updates to each and every one.

Tuesday 2:21pm MST (estimated)
Greg Reinacker finishes up his post-mortem blog post and once again starts going down the long, painful list of bloggers who have been bitching about the absence of NG, giving another update to each and every one.

So...did you notice how the timeline didn't end when NG came back online, but rather continued on with the communication (when drinking heavily and/or sleeping might have seemed like more attractive options)?

Sure, I'll agree that it would have been ideal for NG to push out more information out earlier on, but in return I'll ask that we all agree that they had a bunch of other kind of important stuff on their hands. As I've gotten two real-human pings from NG in the last eight hours, it's a little hard for me to accuse them of henious under-communication.

The situation sucked hard, Newsgator came though.

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