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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Second 'verse, same as the first...
Being Some Notes on Life

First Life
Genetics will out, it appears. My 15 month old daughter spent much of yesterday evening dancing in a goofy and uncoordinated fashion to the music of the Pixies and Johnny Cash, and then trying to grab the beer out of my hand between songs. I didn't think she'd get there until some point in high school, at least.

Second Life
After a significant amount of prodding I've finally gotten around to checking out Second Life. Initial thoughts:
  1. It's nice to see that there were other geeks writing up notes and diagrams as they read Snow Crash, too.
  2. My Second Life is eerily reminiscent of my First Life. To pick three items:
    • No matter what I try, my hair looks way geeky.
    • Having more and/or better memory would probably make Life run a lot more smoothly.
    • My conversations with unfamiliar people tend to trail off into awkward silence.

  3. I'm still trying to find enough hours to fit everything into my First Life.

Interesting, though. Fat bandwidth and improved graphics hardware/software are making [non-deterministic? open objective? experiential?] online environments more worthwhile -- i.e. less like text-based chatrooms filled with stiff, bizarrely placed "avatars" jerking from place to place. (Sorry Hive7, for the moment you still fall into this unfortunate category.)

With the technology to capture, describe, and render the more subtle elements of offline communication (both verbal and non-verbal) still looking some ways off, will a programmable gesture-based language start to fill that gap? Has it happened already?

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