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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Basecamp: Now Automatically Coding Your Projects?
Based on a quote from the CNET.com article Pearl Jam to offer 'bootleg' downloads, it appears that 37 signals' Basecamp -- a really excellent project management tool -- may have achieved what project manages have been asking for since time began: you put in your project plan, and then Basecamp automatically develops it for you...

"The idea to embark on such an endeavor has been floating around the Pearl Jam camp for several years. 'The thing we were looking for was a really good way to manage the thing,' Tim Bierman, manager of Pearl Jam's Ten Club fan organization, told Billboard.com. 'That's where Basecamp came in. They developed a killer application I'm really confident the fans are going to love.'"

...or, I suppose, Tim Bierman may have just gotten the company and their flagship product confused. Though that's a somewhat less entertaining possibility.
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