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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Playing Chicken
Be careful what you wish for.

Last night, when I was on the phone with the company that had missed (another) "confirmed" appointment to install one of the data lines coming into our new office space, I thought I had a plan.

"Yes, I understand that all of your field crews have already had their schedules set for tomorrow," I said, "but since you were supposed to show up here today, don't you think it makes sense to satisfy the commitments that you have outstanding before you begin work on any others? I don't want someone here to do the work Friday or Monday, I would very much like to have someone here to do the work tomorrow. I can see how scheduling could be difficult, but I'm totally confident that you can find a way to make this work."

As God is my witness, I was just trying to get them to confirm an install date of Friday, rather than pushing it out to next Monday. After the brain-eating clusterfuck that we've enjoyed while trying to get Verizon, Con Ed, and an assortment of other telco ducks in a row for this space, it really never crossed my mind that they would actually agree that getting the line installed today -- whatever was required, however it had to be fit into the schedule -- was something that needed to happen.

So here I sit, in the half-finished machine room of an empty office space, waiting. I played chicken, and...well, I think that I won...
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