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Monday, June 13, 2005
AOL: Hotbed of Innovation
"'Imagine 27 channels that were never available before on the Web, plus email for everyone,' AOL Executive Vice President, Media Networks Kevin Conroy told the Daily News."

I'm sorry -- in the context of the internet, what the fuck does "27 channels" even mean? And "email for everyone?" Great idea there, guys; watch out for copycats, though -- I've got a feeling that this "free email" idea could take off pretty quick. If companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google get wind of this and come up with their own "email for everyone" offerings, you might end up having to fight pretty hard to get new users.

This weekend my mother actually asked to help her "find an internet connection that's less crappy than AOL" (yes, my parents did shape my approach to the English language, and yes, I've been bugging her about getting off of AOL for years). Will 27 channels of choppy video clips pull in enough traffic and ad revenue to offset the steady stream of defectors? Gee, let me think...

The full NY Daily News story on this impending flop is available here, if anyone actually cares.
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