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Monday, January 31, 2005
Blogfodder Dump
Cleaning out the blogfodder folder. I really, truly wanted to put together more significant posts about many of these items, but there just aren't enough hours in the day...

Jon Udell on desktop search. "Google's PageRank showed us that relevance is a collective judgment. Services such as del.icio.us, Flickr, and Furl are likewise showing us that metadata tagging wants to be a group effort. One of the ironies of desktop search may prove to be that, by the time it went mainstream, the personal hard drive was about to become an endangered species." Not yet convinced...reference my various search posts.

Along similar lines, some thoughts from Collision Detection on desktop search, referencing Steven Johnson's NY Times Book Review piece.

One of many posts in the last couple of days, noting that A9.com got an (apparently) unpaid plug via television's the O.C.

Despite the apparent search preferences of Pretty White Kids With Problems, Google is one of the world's most influential brands.

As noted by Fred Wilson, the search gap appears to be narrowing. Again, reference my many -- and probably boring -- search posts.

Tivo releases an SDK, but many feel it's too little too late. Really interesting, as I've been close to two other "are we a product or a platform" decision processes, where fear of losing control of the product ended up killing it.

Scoble on editing. (Also in an older series of posts somewhere around here, which tells you something about how long this topic been in blogfodder purgatory.) Agree with the idea that the immediacy of blogs has its own value, not convinced that everything about every process needs to be public. Sometimes the world just wants the finished product.

And finally a little something on the schizoid nature of the hive mind: the blogosphere is both enthusiastically for and violently against centralized tools, due to their incredible potential and/or instability and limitations.
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