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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Ad Hoc Advertising
After reading this little anti-BzzAgents rant, I start to think that it might be for the best that I never took my "Ad Hoc Advertising, Inc." idea past the Web site template stage. On the other hand, since my idea was to get a lameass business model patent on...
"[a] 'peer to peer' advertising network, consisting of non-celebrity individuals, wherein analytical tools are used to identify 'key opinion influencers' within the intersection of the network's participants and the advertiser's target market; those individuals are then commissioned to promote the advertiser's product/service on an 'ad hoc' basis, generating 'buzz' or 'street level' awareness of the offering"
...perhaps I should have moved forward with it (note: this was a couple of years ago when it was necessary to use the phrase "peer to peer" in any new idea). Could have been suing BzzAgent even as I write this. Oh, well.

Still no kid yet, by the way.
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