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Sunday, June 06, 2004
I Love Weekends
Yes, I know it's a controversial statement to make, but I love weekends.

Weekends are the time when, after a long, hard week of work, you can go in to your colocation facility with your system engineer, spend two hours pulling out your creaky old firewalls and racking the shiny new firewalls that you finally received from your security management and monitoring company, test your shiny new firewalls, spend an hour on the phone with your security mgt. company discussing the fact that the pre-configuration they did on the shiny new firewalls was definitely supposed to allow DNS queries to resolve, spend four more hours working with said company to troubleshoot shiny new firewalls' dislike of DNS queries, decide to leave the (freezing cold) colocation facility and have dinner, walk (uphill, in the rain) to the nearest restaurant, make mean jokes about the security mgt. company's mothers, get an "it's all good now" phone call from the security mgt. company, feel bad about the mother jokes, walk back to the colo (downhill, rain stopped), discover that all is not, in fact, good and DNS still does not work correctly, spend an hour re-racking a creaky old firewall and testing it, call your car service to get home, discover that the car service is booked up and can't send a car until 1AM (almost a two hour wait), call your CFO (who lives nearby and said to call if he could help) for a ride, get his voicemail, picture CFO pointing and laughing at your name on the caller ID as he sits in a leather armchair smoking a cigar and sipping brandy, curse and shake your fist at the heavens, explain to your system engineer that you haven't really lost your mind, find the number for another car service that says they'll have a cab there in ten minutes, go down to the parking lot and wait for forty minutes until the cab actually shows up, discover that the driver is a little vague on the location of this mysterious city of "Brooklyn" that you speak of, get an interesting driving tour some of the more obscure parts of Weehawken and Hoboken, help the cab driver locate the Holland tunnel, help the cab driver locate the Manhattan bridge, help the cab driver locate your apartment, decide against asking whether the cab driver can find his way back to the Manhattan bridge, and collapse on the floor of your apartment.

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